When you join Lube-Tech, you’re part of a thriving, innovative company with a passion for helping customers accelerate their performance — from their engines and equipment to their bottom line. Learn more about what drives us as you consider joining our team!

Our vision
We see great things ahead for Lube-Tech, for our customers and for you. Our vision is to be the market’s leading go-to resource for advanced lubrication and energy solutions that help OEMs, automotive service dealers, fleets and manufacturers maximize productivity and profits. And we’re well on our way there.

Our core values
We live by some core values that keep us humble and guide our actions with our customers and with each other. In business and in life, we believe you should:

  • Operate ethically, 24/7
  • Do what you say you’re going to do
  • Solve problems, don’t create them
  • Stay curious and seek knowledge
  • Give back generously

Our culture
As futuristic as we are from a technological standpoint, when it comes to our culture, we think some things never go out of style. We believe in these business virtues:

  • Putting the customer first
  • Working passionately
  • Leading, exploring and innovating
  • Taking ownership and being accountable
  • Growing where it’s profitable
  • Respecting every voice
  • Never settling for status quo

Our competitive edge
No competitor can match the three-part solution we offer to help customers achieve their performance goals:

  • Broadest product portfolio: the widest selection of lubricants, energy solutions, premier brands and supporting services
  • High-performance petroleum innovation: custom product blends and solutions for high-performance demands
  • Strategic business support: passion and knowledge for creating solutions to customers’ extreme performance and business challenges

Our brand story
It’s hard to fully capture all the spirit, energy and expertise we put into helping customers accelerate their performance, but our Brand Story does a good job of it:

Performance. It’s the benchmark that success is measured by. At Lube-Tech, we’re driven to accelerate your equipment’s performance through our broad portfolio of products, innovative lubrication and energy solutions and high-octane approach to customer service. Because that’s how we’re engineered. Always pushing, exploring, and finding new ways to create products and services that generate results beyond your expectations. Align with us and see how we can accelerate your business performance.