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We partnered with an automotive OEM to create an alternative to a solvent for paint bay cleaning. The result was our OSR 17, a Lube-Tech proprietary formula that reduces Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) by 87%.


Good chemistry: chemicals formulated to enhance your success

Whether you’re designing engines or managing fleets, service centers or industrial equipment, you need every performer — inside and out.

Your balancing act: performance, environment and value

You can’t risk your top-dollar equipment to just any chemical product. But making the right choice in cleaners, coolants, degreasers and other solutions for your business means you have to weigh three critical factors:

  • Performance: can they do the job they’re formulated for, even in the toughest conditions?
  • Environment: do your products meet environmental regulations and do you know how to safely handle them?
  • Value: do they generate consistent, high-quality results at a sensible price?

Lube-Tech delivers the right portfolio at the right prices

At Lube-Tech, we have the product portfolio to put virtually any chemical solution within your reach. We carry off-the-shelf products from major brands as well as our own performance-engineered Lube-Tech offerings, plus custom-formulated solutions tailored to the exact demands and attributes of your equipment.

Your go-to source for cutting-edge chemical products

tech cleaning the winshield of a big rig

Utilizing chemical products that meet your high standards can have a significant impact on your operation’s effectiveness. At Lube-Tech, we offer a complete lineup of products to help you optimize your performance and your bottom line.

chemical testing in the lab
  • Automotive/power sports cleaners and flush chemicals — from engine dressings to glass cleaners, injection cleaners, coolants, degreasers and more
  • Fleet chemicals including acid washes, rust removers, fuel cleaners, power steering flushes and tune-up kits
  • Industrial solutions including oil flushes, vibratory cleaners, parts washes and a variety of products for removing quench oils, preventing rust and more

Tap our advanced technologies to gain your competitive edge

When you partner with us, you can tap into our state-of-the-art lab and testing facilities, and our innovative specialists who can help your equipment reach its performance targets and outrun the competition

  • Engineers and chemists work with you to complement your existing line, reformulate your current fluids or develop innovative new products
  • Proven expertise in finding ways to measure performance — through fluid analysis, chemical testing and more
  • TestTech™, an in-house testing facility with seven engine dynamometers for analyzing chemical-product effects on engines ranging from 1 to 2,500 horsepower
  • A full lab offering diagnostic services for troubleshooting problems and providing solutions that minimize downtime
chemical lab technicians testing in the lab

Supporting your business from start to finish

As a chemical innovator with in-depth knowledge and global reach, we can:

  • Offer insights into trending chemical and raw-material markets
  • Give you more competitive pricing due to our enhanced buying power
  • Ensure your products comply with government regulations
  • Increase your brand’s profits with custom-blended chemical products