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Shop Now Predictive Maintenance can save 30%

Fluid analysis, vibration analysis, thermography and other “predictive” maintenance techniques can cut costs by 30% over traditional preventive (calendar-based) methods.
Electric Power Research Institute study cited on Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers (STLE) website


Advanced Technology: Insights that drive innovations.

In today’s complex and competitive engineering environment, if you stand pat you’ll get run over. Use Lube-Tech’s advanced technological resources and expertise to drive your equipment – and your business – forward.

Your challenge: to solve problems, push ahead and profit

Getting inferior results from your equipment can harm your profitability as well as your brand’s reputation. Nagging performance issues can cause everything from spiraling labor and material costs to delayed product launches. You need help with:

  • Diagnostics: to solve the problems that set you back and force you to play catch-up with competitors
  • Product enhancements: gaining performance advantages to grab an edge in the marketplace
  • Cost savings: reformulating to save money without sacrificing results

Lube-Tech covers your technology needs from lab to launch.

At Lube-Tech, we believe deeper insights lead to greater innovations. That’s why we offer you comprehensive technology resources and know-how from industry veterans who can help solve your diverse engineering challenges, take your products to the next level and help you formulate for maximum cost efficiency.

Sophisticated technology services help optimize your equipment

image of lab testing equipment

Trust our seasoned staff of chemists, engineers and technicians to help identify and implement the solutions your equipment needs to stay optimized. Tap our cutting-edge R&D services, including:

image of lab
  • Formulation: crafting custom formulas that match your engine’s unique parts, alloys and performance capabilities, within your cost structure.
  • Testing: analyzing your formula elements and equipment, to troubleshoot everything from engine wear to clogging and excessive emissions.
  • Quality Control: scrutinizing incoming raw materials and testing throughout development and production to ensure you receive a superior end product.
  • Used Oil Analysis: like a “blood test” for your oil, it reveals critical insights into the health of your engine.
  • Fuel Testing: evaluating fuel components to craft the perfect fit for your engine

Cutting-edge R&D facilities keep your products state of the art

As your full-service partner, we’ll put our R&D facilities to work to meet your unique performance demands. We’re equipped with today’s most advanced development and diagnostic equipment, managed by our innovative specialists who won’t stop until your engine has reached its full potential. Our facilities include:

  • A full-service lab featuring:
  • X-ray crystallography: to view chemical bond structures and identify metal counts, which indicates engine wear
  • Emissions spectrometers: analyzing up to 22 elements for emissions control
  • Particle counters: to help remove dust and particles from oils
  • And dozens of other tools to help you optimize your metrics while exceeding JASO and ISO standards
  • TestTech, an in-house testing facility with seven engine dynamometers for analyzing the effects of fluids on engines ranging from 1 to 2,500 horsepower
image of lab tech testing materials

Holistic support covers all your business needs

As a proven petroleum expert with global connections, we can:

  • Offer insights into supply and pricing trends of crude oil and raw materials
  • Leverage our economies of scale to get you the most competitive prices
  • Help you stay in compliance with all environmental regulations
  • Extend your brand’s profits with custom-blended packaged lubricants