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Bro-Tex Center Pull 302 Towel

  • Bro-Tex
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  • Case of 6 Rolls
  • Industry Knowledge
  • engine deposits

    hard or persistent accumulations of sludge, varnish, and carbonaceous residues due to blow-by of unburned and partially burned (partially oxidized) fuel, or from partial breakdown of the crankcase lubricant.

  • STLE (Society of Tribology and Lubrication Engineers)

    an organization intended to advance the knowledge and application of lubrication and related sciences.


Quality Level

Touch free dispensing at its best. No longer will you have to worry about broken cranks or handles. Simply feed the center towel through the easy, single towel dispenser and you’re done. Large rolls eliminate constant refills and maximizes economy. Two-ply tissues are soft enough for use on hands or face while the heavier weight 2-ply toweling products are strong enough for use in auto body paint prep or for general purpose applications

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