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Mobil Lubeguard Desiccant Breather MOB-1

  • Mobil
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  • 6 pc. Case
  • Industry Knowledge
  • Cold Cranking Simulator (CCS)

    a high shear viscometer used to measure viscosity of crankcase oils at low temperature (0°F).

  • compressor

    any of a wide variety of mechanisms designed to compress air or other gas to produce useful work.

  • engine deposits

    hard or persistent accumulations of sludge, varnish, and carbonaceous residues due to blow-by of unburned and partially burned (partially oxidized) fuel, or from partial breakdown of the crankcase lubricant.

  • STLE (Society of Tribology and Lubrication Engineers)

    an organization intended to advance the knowledge and application of lubrication and related sciences.


Quality Level

Mobilâ„¢ Lubeguard Filters and Desiccant Breathers prevent airborne dirt and water contamination from entering lubrication reservoirs, gearboxes, and storage tanks as differential pressures occur through thermal expansion and contraction of fluid. MOB-1 sizing: 5 in. high, 2.75 in. diameter, 0.8 fl. oz. absorption capacity.

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