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Lube-Tech All Season Hydraulic Fluid ISO 46

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  • Industry Knowledge
  • API (American Petroleum Institute)

    trade association of petroleum producers, refiners, marketers, and transporters, organized for the advancement of the petroleum industry by conducting research, gathering and disseminating information, and maintaining cooperation between government and the industry on all matters of mutual interest.

  • base oils

    base stocks and base stock blends used as an inert ingredient or diluent in the manufacture of automotive and industrial lubricants, and some industrial, agricultural, and consumer chemicals.

  • viscosity

    measurement of a fluid’s resistance to flow. The common metric unit of absolute viscosity is the poise, which is defined as the force in dynes required to move a surface one square centimeter in area past a parallel surface at a speed of one centimeter per second, with the surfaces separated by a fluid film one centimeter thick.


Lube-Tech Extended Service All-Season Hydraulic 46 is designed to give maximum protection to hydraulic pumps in high-performance industrial applications, mobile transportable units, and other hydraulic equipment in heavy-duty, all-weather environments. It contains an oxidation inhibitor that enhances the natural oxidation resistance of the base stocks enabling them to pass the ASTM D943 Turbine Oxidation Test. A proven rust inhibitor plates out across pump and system parts to protect against rust and oxidation, preserving equipment life. Service life can be extended and operating costs lowered by using this extended service fluid instead of conventional hydraulic fluid.

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