Vehicle Washes: Business Opportunity And Investment Protection

Vehicle Washes: Business Opportunity And Investment Protection

Today’s car wash industry is worth some $8.2-billion and is expected to grow at a 3-percent rate annually. Car washes are becoming a necessary part of business for gas station and convenience store owners and are a primary source of business for those with dedicated, multi-bay wash facilities. However, despite the vastness of the opportunity vehicle washes present, many washes are operating at a reduced capacity. Wash owners typically lack time, resources or marketing capacity to capitalize on this reduced revenue potential.

Much of this is not the car wash owners fault. With no focused service or dealer network in many areas, wash owners often end up with varied equipment and multiple suppliers leaving them few options for people to call when something goes wrong. A single source solution can turn this aspect of their business around, making it a profitable arm of their organization. Lube-Tech has taken the opportunity to partner with Sonny’s and Istobal USA to establish the first, dedicated car wash solutions network in the Midwest, aimed at helping convenience stores and car dealerships develop and make a profit off their car wash.

Heavy Wash Applications Can Protect Business Investment

For fleet owners, washing can rob time and resources but is a definite necessity in maintaining work vehicles. The calcium chloride and magnesium chloride used to treat roads is highly corrosive to on-road vehicles (both daily driver and fleet) and, when mixed with sand and other road treating agents, it can pack into the cracks and crevices of the undercarriage and cause major damage. If not cleaned properly it can continue to attract moisture over time, corroding parts even in the summer months. For fleet vehicles, washing in these conditions should be regular maintenance and using an effective wash system and cleaner is a key factor in the effectiveness of the wash.

In 2002 the U.S. Federal Highway Administration released the results of a two-year study on the effects of metal corrosion. It determined that the direct cost of corrosion across various industries in the United States was a staggering $276-billion. Of that, $6.45-billion is spent on corrosion-related maintenance and repair on motor vehicles in the transportation industry.

Clean trucks enhance the corporate image of the company, but a clean undercarriage can enhance a company’s bottom line. Using an effective wash system with the proper underbody cleaning chemicals can prevent corrosion and corrosion-related maintenance. Having your own wash system will save money, control costs and enhance your company image with clean trucks.

“An effective vehicle wash is a valuable addition for anyone running a fleet of on-road vehicles,” said Bryan Russell, Business Development Manager at Lube-Tech ESI, Vehicle Wash Services. “Clean trucks help a company’s image and a clean undercarriage can save maintenance costs and extend the service life of fleet vehicles.”

Lube-Tech installs and services Sonny’s® Tunnel Car Wash Equipment ( and IstobalUSA Automated Rollover and HeavyWash Vehicle Equipment (www.istobalusa).