Starting September 1st, Lube-Tech will be phasing out COD payment terms across all accounts.  We value your business, and will gladly accept a debit or credit card as a means of payment, or you can apply for a line of credit.

We are making this change because it is difficult for us to ensure your payment is received properly, and in a timely basis, which in turn creates more phone calls and bookkeeping errors on both of our ends. 

Here is some helpful information about this transition:                                                                                      

Q:  Can I still pay with my credit card upon receipt of delivery, or do I have to pay upfront

A:  We take your card and run a preauthorization upon order entry.  Once we invoice the order, we will process the card for the exact invoice amount of the delivery.


Q:  I have issues with paying via debit or credit card and/or applying for a line of credit.  Do I have other options for payment.

A:  You can prepay via EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) or ACH (Automatic Clearing House).  Once the funds are received, we will then expedite your order. 


Starting September 7th, all customer and Cash Sale accounts, including Will Call and Employee Sales, will no longer have the option of collecting payment by check or cash at the time of delivery or upon customer pick-up.  All customers currently assigned COD terms will be phased over to Credit Card terms between September 1st and September 4th.  During the transition phase, COD payments will be permitted, but for future orders, customersw will need to provide a debit or credit card at the time of order entry or apply for a credit line.  After September 4th, customers will be required to provide a debit or credit card in lieu of COD.


For alternatives to Debit/Credit Card terms, customers may apply for a credit line by completing and returning a Lube-Tech credit application.  Prepayment is also accepted, but only by means of electronic funds transfer from the customer’s bank to ours (EFT or ACH).  Checks or cash will not be accepted for prepayment. 


After September 4th, orders can only be released if/when a debit or credit card preauthorization is completed, customer is approved for a credit line, or electronic funds transfer is received by the credit department.