Lubrication Technologies Wins 2009 Governor’s Award for Pollution Prevention

Golden Valley, MN - April 30, 2009 Lubrication Technologies, the Midwest region’s leading distributor, blender and packager of petroleum and water-based liquid technology, today announced that it was chosen by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency/ Minnesota Office of Environmental Assistance (MPCA/MOEA) to receive a Governor’s Award for Excellence in Waste and Pollution Prevention. The award, named, Environmental Stewardship – Cleaner Air through Better Chemistry, honors superior environmental achievement by Minnesota businesses that have developed innovative practices to prevent pollution and waste, improve resource efficiency, and lead to sustainability.

Lube-Tech is being recognized for its proven waste and pollution accomplishments achieved in partnership with Ford Motor Company, for the development of a new, low VOC, water-based paint bay cleaning solution named, incidentally, “Ford Sludge Remover” (FSR). By switching to Lube-Tech’s specially formulated paint bay cleaner, Ford Motor Company reduced:

• Hazardous raw materials by 240,000 pounds (87%)
• Hazardous waste by 72,000 pounds (72%)
• Air emissions by 170,000 pounds (96%)

Rich Limpert, who manages Lube-Tech’s relationship with Ford Motor Company, commented, “While we initially set out to improve Ford’s paint bay cleaning process through a Six Sigma project, we were thrilled to be in a position to exceed the customer’s expectation with a product that does so much more. FSR outperforms traditional, solvent-based methods, reduces VOC emissions, is competitively priced, and can be repeatedly used before losing its cleaning power, making it a premium solution for sustainability and performance.”

The Six Sigma Project, which Lube-Tech’s Elise Lindberg lead documentation for, resulted in a $195,000 annual savings for Ford. “Because the switch did not require any new equipment investment, Ford Motor Company was able to reap the savings almost immediately,” remarked Lindberg.

“We at Lube-Tech are extremely proud of this recognition and of the steps the company has taken and continues to take in contributing to a cleaner and safer environment,” said Punch VanGrasstek, Lube-Tech’s water-based chemist who, along with Limpert and Lindberg, was responsible for bringing Lube-Tech’s unique solution for environmental sustainability success to Ford Motor Company.

According to VanGrasstek, Lube-Tech offers many eco-friendly products such as Real CleanTM, an industrial-strength, environmentally friendly cleaner that is VOC-free with no caustics or hazardous air pollutants, as well as biodegradable form release, asphalt release, specialty cleaners, dust control products and more.

“Lube-Tech is committed to delivering sustainable solutions for our customers, and this award is an excellent way for the State of MN to recognize these efforts,” said VanGrasstek.

About Lube-Tech

Lubrication Technologies is the culmination of the three most recognized petroleum distributors in MN: Gopher Oil Co, Rollins Oil Co and Hallman Oil Co., lending a history that dates back to 1929. Lubrication Technologies develops and produces thousands of innovative products across diverse markets throughout the world. Flexibility, technology and unmatched customer focus are the key drivers behind Lubrication Technologies’ history of success and continue to remain the cornerstones for growth and diversification. For more information, visit our About Us page.