Westside Equipment Installers Now Westside Equipment Company Under New Ownership

Golden Valley, MN - October 1, 2012 Lubrication Technologies, Inc. (Lube-Tech), the Midwest’s leading distributor of lubricants, fuels, chemicals and recycling services, announces the acquisition of assets and business of Westside Equipment Installers by Chris and Marna Bame into their portfolio of companies.

Founded in 1977 by Steve and Dianne Murphy, Westside Equipment Installers is a business built on service and integrity.  MN automotive, fleet and municipal markets rely on them for lifts, lubrication and fuel handling service and parts from the most recognized brands in the industry: Graco, Rotary, Husky, Gasboy and VeederRoot.

Remarked Dianne Murphy, President of Westside Equipment Installers, “I’ve known the Bame family for a long time. I even knew Chris’ father, Fred, who owned Gopher Oil Company. Chris and Marna are really nice people and they run a very successful business. My employees feel comfortable with them so I know it’s a good fit.”  With the sale of Westside Equipment Installers, Dianne intends to fully retire, although she’s staying in the area, “My children are here, I have four grandchildren here and a beautiful lake home in Northern MN. Why would I ever leave?”

While the Westside Equipment Installers business model will continue to operate in the same consistent, customer-first manner, Andy Werkheiser is joining the team as Business Manager, responsible for the combined equipment and service.  Werkheiser has a fifteen-year strong service and installation background in the refining and recycling industry.

Chris and Marna Bame, owners of the Lube-Tech portfolio, which includes Lube-Tech, Lube-Tech Liquid Recycling, Cool Fuel Technologies and now Westside Equipment Company, are excited to offer  this complimentary area of expertise to their customers.  Commented Chris Bame, President and CEO of Lube-Tech, “We are always striving to find ways to make our customers’ lives easier. Adding equipment service and parts support to our offering gives our customers one less operating area to worry about. Our mission at Lube-Tech is to positively impact our customers’ bottom line and this added business is just another way of doing that.”

About Lube-Tech

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